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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
So I rode into Grand Central Station Saturday with Chris and Sasha. We immediately got lost in the subways of NYC, but somehow made our way to Ground Zero to view the WTC, which looks suspiciously like a gigantic hole in the ground. I then split off and headed to Little Korea for the Dopedinner with several other Straight Dopers -- delicious! Also, a really nice guy there insisted on picking up the tab for my meal. Too bad he's gay.

Sasha and Chris met up with some members of Kelly's team and everyone proceeded to get roaring drunk. I was bored senseless watching all the stupid drunk people, and Sasha and Chris were acting like idiots anyway. Around 1:30 am I finally said the hell with it and left, making my way to Queens to sleep on Mel's couch. Thanks a lot guys for leaving me to ride the NYC subway at 1:30 am by myself. You're real pals. Anyway, I woke up the next morning and cuddled with my buddy Sarah on the couch. We watched the Winne the Pooh movie and ate bagels before leaving to explore the city.

We hit Time's Square and rode the Ferris Wheel at the giant Toys R Us, then headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sarah promised to build me a fantastic Egyptian tomb just like the one at the Met when she becomes rich and famous. We got vouchers for free lipgloss (cocoa butter, yum!) and then she dropped me off at Grand Central. Made it home, safe and sound.

I (heart) Sarah.

Thursday, October 21, 2004
I arrived safe and sound in Kingston on Monday night, despite a slight bus mishap. I got on the wrong bus, but the driver kindly went out of his way and dropped me off in Kingston. Yay!

My trip to Montreal was amazing. I toured the city, visited Le Biodome (which looks like a monster that has crawled out of the ocean and is up to no good) and the Basilique de Notre Dame, which was splendid. My hostel hosted a plethora of colorful characters, including Martin the Depressed Englishman, Adam the Paranoid Canadian, and Raphael, whom I'm fairly sure was a Colombian drug lord. So many pretty Frenchiboys! I returned with a "Canada" T-shirt and the digits of Julien, one very pretty young Frenchman.

On Sunday night I went out partying with Raphael, Julien, and about seven Frenchies. We played pool (I won every game, despite having had so much vodka I was having trouble shooting straight at the end), Raphael and I danced a salsa, and we generally lived it up. W00t w00t!

Sunday, October 17, 2004
Je suis en Montreal!

I arrived yesterday afternoon on the bus, after a brief and cursory inspection by the disinterested Canadian authorities. I rolled into Montreal and promptly had my first freak-out when I could not get the ATM to work. Uh no. I was stuck in Canada, with only $37 American in cash. Fortunately, I went to the Banque Nationale du Canada and happily withdrew $100 Canadian. I then had my second freak-out upon seeing the startlingly ugly woman (Elizabeth II) who`s face is plastered on all the money. Eeep.

I strolled around downtown Montreal for a little while, then caught Le Metro to my hostel, Auberge Maeva. Really nice place, clean and pretty, and the propeiter Anno is very friendly. I went out to eat on Mont-Royal, ordered some random soup off the menu, and went to bed. Third freak-out occured at about 6am this morning when I awoke to discover I had begun my period. You try finding tampons at 6am in Montreal on a Sunday. Ain`t happening. Anyway, a nice French lady gave me a pad to hold me over until the shops opened.

This morning for breakfast I was eating toast and wondering why the nice French couple were giggling at me. Seems early this morning, in my haste to get cleaned up, I accidently burst into their bedroom, mistakening it for mine. I apologized, and the father said, ``Oh, no probleme, we love pretty young girls coming in our bedroom!``

I`m off to explore Montreal. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 15, 2004
Hiya, peeps! I'm in Plattsburgh, NY right now, staying at the Holiday Inn with Annette (the wife of our site sponsor). She was coming this way for a college home-coming anyway, and offered to take me along. I'm about an hour outside of Montreal, and plan to go into the city tomorrow. I have reservations at the Auberge Maeva hostel. Go me!

Saw the Catskills and the Adirondacks today. Wow.

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Today was our first day of work on Habitat, no complaints. After work me, Jacque, Alyssa and our host Dave went for a walk along the Ashokan Reservoir. It was absolutely astonishing in it's beauty, the clear lake reflecting the mountains, the trees bursting into autumn reds and golds, the deer so tame they grazed not six feet from us.

Tomorrow I'll head out for Montreal! Wish me luck. I'll be staying Saturday-Monday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
I've arrived safe and sound in Kingston, NY, though we're staying for the night in Woodstock at the house of one of our Habitat supervisors, Dave. Rock-star David Bowie has a house right down the street! Also, I hope to visit Montreal either this weekend or the next.

During our trip to Philly, Sarah and I decided our song is "All you need is love" by the Beatles. Sasha's and my song is "Can't Help falling in love with you" by Elvis.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
So my time in the composite team has ended; The Loading Dock folks took us out for dinner and all was well. Apparently my friend Sarah is the AmeriWhore, which is news to her -- "I wish I was getting half the booty people say I'm getting," she says. She and I took a trip to Philadelphia Sun-Mon. Poor Sarah lost all of her CDs, then almost lost her phone and camera.

We had a good time anyway. Sarah got to ride a train for the first time into Philly. We saw the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin's tomb, then attended a political demonstration by the Uhuru Movement. We ate Philly cheesesteaks (yum!) and spent Sunday night at the Chaumounix hostel, a really gorgeous place built in an old mansion. Very clean and upscale, nothing at all like India House, especially with the derth of hot European guys. Monday night me and Sarah hung out at a Burger King while she taught me some sign language, waiting for Amy and crew to drive in and pick us up.

Tomorrow morning Fire 3 is leaving bright and early (9:30 am) for Kingston! Very excited. Jacque came over and packed my stuff for me. New York, here I come! I'm really hoping to go hiking in the Catskills and maybe pop into Montreal one weekend.

Lior tried to get his mack on with me tonight. Boys are so funny.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Hi y'all, I'm still in MD, working at The Loading Dock in Baltimore with my composite team. There's me, the two Aarons (Washington State and L.A.), Megan, Stephen, and Amber. I get along pretty well with all of them. Tonight we all went out for dinner with TLD folks and had a little party. Hee.

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